The Kyle Kushman Microbial Line


Vegamatrix pHyre

Isolated from the root surface of Kushman’s mother plants, “pHyre” was identified.

A Paenibacillus polymyxa species, cultured for its ability to aid each plant in reaching its full GENETIC POTENTIAL.
This universal bacterium is one of a kind and HIGHLY EFFICIENT simultaneously fixing nitrogen, solubilizing phosphates and releasing potassium.

Use pHyre with any nutrient system calling for microbes including Vegamatrix.

Temperature Statement: 

pHyre will freeze at temperatures below 32oF. The product is still viable in a “slushy” type state. As long as the product does not freeze solid there will be no adverse effects on performance or integrity. It is not recommend to store the product in places where temperatures will exceed 135oF. If the product is exposed to temperatures greater than 135oF it may experience some off gassing and/or swelling.

About This Revolutionary Microbe

  • Isolated from the ashes of slash and burn.

  • Cultured under propriety conditions to ensure quality and quantity.

  • This fastidious bacteria is nature’s most powerful root colonizer.

  • Fungal and Insect defense (antibiotic production)

  • Survivability in a wide range of environmental conditions.

  • Single species is capable of performing the task of many Genus and species.


Provides specialized microorganisms to help combat persistent soil-borne plant pathogens and reduce future disease vulnerability

phyre microbe

Properties of pHyre

Paenibacillus polymyxa (HYKP1)
  • A primary root colonizer in the soil.

  • Secretes antifungal compounds such as antibiotics.

  • Converts atmospheric N2 to NH3 ; a consumable form of nitrogen for plants.

  • Produces the thickest form of exopolysaccharides.

  • Naturally produces plant hormones such as IAA and cytokinin.

  • Used as a bio-flocculation tool a substitute to polymers.

Why Inoculate with a single species?

  • Eliminating applications of toxic solutions from multiple species in a liquid solution

  • Having a single species ensures survival and viability before and after applications.

  • Increases the microbial richness in the soil after application.

  • It is much easier for a single species to find its niche in the rhizosphere.

  • Concentration of the single species remains consistent.

  • Exponential growth can be reached without any competition.


– Phosphate solubilizing and Nitrogen fixation bacteria


– Survivability and viability pH range of 3-8


– Increase in yield and potency


– Root colonizing bacteria that promotes growth


– Exponential growth maximum concentration reach during plant development.

Pure Life Veganix began the process of isolating pure cultures of beneficial microorganisms from proprietary sources  as early 1994 and categorized each species by their beneficial properties; such as suppression of soil and air-borne plant pathogens or the ability to  breakdown contaminants such as hydrocarbons or outcompete damaging soil-borne plant pathogens, preventing them from feeding properly, and through the secretion  of  antifungal and antimicrobial compounds, create an inhospitable environment for fungal pathogens., ,

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