Vegamatrix Big-n-Sticky

The Bloom Booster you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! Big-N-Sticky is the ultimate finisher to increase yield while producing the cleanest and best tasting harvests on the planet.

A New Addition To The Vegamatrix Family

Big-N-Sticky’s rigorously tested proprietary blend of ORGANIC compounds are combined with potassium phosphite. This creates a synergystic effect which keeps all beneficial compounds readily bio-available for producing massive, resinous buds.

Why Big-n-Sticky Works

Phosphite technology ensures rapid nutrient uptake of phosphorous and potassium. North Atlantic Cold Water Kelp Extract, Vitamin B-1 Yucca Extract, simple and complex carbohydrates dramatically increase your plants production of essential oils, terpenoids and phenols.


Big-n-Sticky is designed to produce the BIGGEST, STICKIEST, BEST TASTING buds imaginable.

Tests prove that using Big-n-STicky by Vegamatrix produces the cleanest tasting buds with low residues and virtually imperceptible levels of heavy metals.

Healthy Plants, Healthy People.

Can be used with ANY Nutrient Line…