Vegamatrix Big-n-Sticky

The Bloom Booster you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! Big-N-Sticky is the ultimate finisher to increase yield while producing the cleanest and best tasting harvests on the planet.

A New Addition To The Vegamatrix Family

Big-N-Sticky’s rigorously tested proprietary blend of ORGANIC and synthetic ingredients create a synergistic effect which keeps all beneficial compounds readily bio-available for producing massive, resinous buds.

Why Big-n-Sticky Works

Big-n-Stocky ensures rapid nutrient uptake of phosphorous and potassium. North Atlantic Cold Water Kelp Extract, Vitamin B-1 & Yucca Extract dramatically increase your plant’s production of essential oils, terpenoids and phenols.


Big-n-Sticky is designed to produce the BIGGEST, STICKIEST, BEST TASTING buds imaginable.

Information regarding the contents and levels of metals in this product is available on the internet at

Healthy Plants, Healthy People.

Can be used with ANY Nutrient Line…

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