Ask QuestionCategory: ProductDoes Vegamatrix Amp-It contain any synthetic ingredients?
Kyle Kushman Staff asked 3 years ago
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Kyle Kushman Staff answered 3 years ago

The vast majority is mineral supplements for micro-nutrients in our Amp-It and used in very low PPM.  Even though Amp-It is mostly synthetic, it is an OMRI registered formula. The synthetic ingredients in Amp-It are: Manganese sulfate, Ferrous sulfate, Zinc sulfate, Magnesium sulfate, and Copper sulfate. Remember, Amp-It is only used at a rate of .5-2.5ml/gal. My description of Vegamatrix being 95% natural and organic takes into account the low usage rates of Amp-It. Meaning overall PPM in relation to all the other ingredients is minuscule. That’s why they’re called micro-nutes… There are tiny, less than 2% of some of these synthetic minerals in our Bloom and grow as well. Meaning individually they are over 98% organic.   Next is Potassium Hydroxide used to soluablize the kelp. And to give the products shelf life. Also used at less than 2%. At this level Potassium Hydroxide also qualifies under organic food production standards. OMRI allows some ingredients at concentrations below 2% even though they’re inorganic.   Because they are considered beneficial and in the case of elements like zinc, copper, manganese, etc…they are not easily refined from nature. I hope this includes everything you wanted to know. I’ve been an organic gardener for over 25 years. I purchase organic food almost exclusively. But you must know that almost anything processed and packaged has some type of preservatives, Anti-caking agents, etc. I’ve created a nutrient that is as close to 100% organic as I and my organic chemists found to be stable, powerful, and have a shelf life I can guarantee. Vegamatrix has FAR LOWER concentrations of inorganic ingredients than our competitors.   Please check out our independent lab results showing nearly non existent levels of heavy metals in produce grown with Vegamatrix at