The Kyle Kushman Microbial Line


Vegamatrix hypHa

The ultimate decomposer of organic matter releasing over 50 different minerals available for plant uptake from the Veganic Super Soil.

  • hypHa was applied over the course of 5 years . The Objective was to maintain a balance in available nutrients by way of rapid decomposition of organic matter while reducing fertilizer inputs.
  • hypHa can be applied at any stage of growth.
  • Best results were observed when hypHa was introduced during bulk soil preparation, transplanting and maintained until flowering.


  • Primary decomposers in the soil. ( Nutrient recycling)

  • Secretes organic acids compounds.

  • Aids in the growth of Mycorrhizae.

  • Produces plant growth hormones IAA

  • Maintains microbial diversity in the soil.

  • Boosts plants natural immune system.

  • Converts organic matter into humus.

  • Assists in the maturity of compost

  • Capable of nitrogen fixation and phosphorus solubilization.

  • Helps builds suppressive soil.

  • The “earthy” smell of freshly turned soil is caused by actinomycetes at work.

  • Feeds on a wide range of carbon sources (complex and simple carbon)

  • The colonization of Mycorrhizae (ensures the survival of Mycorrhizae)

  • Increase soil aeration from the propagation of mycelia

Click Here For Kushman’s Veganic Super Soil Recipe (VSS)

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