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Tests have proven that plants grown using Vegamatrix have nearly undetectable levels of Heavy Metals. With these extremely low residuals, full smooth flavor and taste are what makes products grown with Vegamatrix winners. To see our test results click here and remember, Vegamatrix creates healthy plants-healthy people for a healthy planet!


Simply put, Vegamatrix increases your plant’s metabolism resulting in bigger plants! Push your plants to their maximum growth rate. The perfect combination of NON-GMO plant extracts with naturally occurring necessary minerals, amino acids, vitamins and carbohydrates are engineered to dramatically increase the bio-mass of your plants!


Vegamatrix has fewer components and simple application rates designed to be easy to use and provide a BETTER growing experience with BETTER results. Formulated to feed your plants with every watering, helping you grow more, and saving you valuable time. With Vegamatrix you use less, grow more and Save more!

Here’s What Our Customers Say About Vegamatrix.

  • The vegamatrix line is the business. Been seeing some really nice work lately. Big thanks to @kylekushman420 for creating this line.


  • My buds are bigger then ever! My first harvest using Veganics increased my yield and improved my bud flavor and value! My leaves look like they're praying to the light.

    Jake Eugene, OR

  • Have to say your product has surpassed my expectations. I've been an organix grower for over 19 yrs, and vegamatrix is the easiest nutrient I've used. All my plants love it, the internodal distance has shortened, much more fragrance from the plants, I'd say sweeter. I plan on using Vegamatrix on all my gardens from now on.

    Ak_MedGrower Instagram

  • As far as its effects are concerned, this batch of the Veganic Phantom OG strain was notably more cerebral than other OG strains I’ve come across in the past. It started off affecting my mind, and the soothing effects gradually made their way throughout my body.

    Drake Dorm Writer, Medical Jane

The Vegamatrix Line of Veganic Nutrients

Experience The Next Step in Organic Cultivation.

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Vegamatrix GROW

Vegamatrix Grow is engineered for Explosive Growth as it’s, NPK, Non-GMO plant based formula stimulates and increases Biomass.

Clean crops are essential to people and our planet. Extensive testing created this blend of organic materials, naturally mined minerals, and just a touch of synthetic minerals to provide explosive growth. Vegamatrix Grow is derived from over 95% natural ingredients.

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Vegamatrix BLOOM

Vegamatrix Bloom allows plants to create dense flowers with increased Resin and Oil. This guarantees maximum potency and yield.

Vegamatrix Bloom is virtually non-burning making it difficult to over fertilize your plants causing leaf burn. Using Bloom will produce CLEANER, healthier plants with maximum yields. Vegamatrix Grow is derived from over 95% natural ingredients.

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Vegamatrix BOOST

Vegamatrix Boost is the perfect CAL-MAG “Boost” for your plants. Boost super charges the NPK uptake that your plants need to reach their full potential.

For your plants to reach their full potential they must be able to get the three most essential nutrients to the areas of the plant that matter the most. These 3 nutrients are Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. In addition to supplying Calcium and Magnesium, Vegamatrix Boost ensures that these key nutrients are delivered to your plant in a special way that makes them easily metabolized for absolute absorption. Vegamatrix Grow is derived from over 95% natural ingredients.

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Vegamatrix FTB

Vegamatrix FTB was crafted as a superior pest management tool. It is 100% VEGANIC and is safe for use on all your growing plants. It kills and defends against many garden pathogens including mites and powdery mildew when used in a preventative maintenance plan.

Sodium lauryl sulfate acts as a surfactant which improves coverage of the active ingredients. Geraniol and soybean oil coats pests to immobilize and suffocate insects by blocking the tracheae. Isopropyl alcohol softens the outer membrane, kills eggs, and helps prevent excess build up on the plant. Ftb suppresses spore reproduction of powdery mildew in two ways. It coats the plant leaf, suffocates the spore, and changes surface pH to further inhibit mildew growth.


FTB is safe to use right up until harvest without risk to the flavor or smell of your plants.

– Treats mites, mildew and more
– Terpene Booster
– 100% VEGANIC
– Safe even on day of harvest

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Want More Explosive Growth?


Prime Zyme

Keeps roots strong and clean for the maximum efficiency of nutrient absorption. Prime Zyme ensures that your plants can deliver when the nutrients are needed the most.

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The perfect Micro Nutrient Supplement to continually give your plants the burst they need. AMP-IT maintains your plants maximum metabolism and growth up to harvest.

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Creates thick hard stems and branches with shorter internodal spacing. Getting you FASTER flowering and QUICKER harvests.

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The Bloom Booster you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! Big-N-Sticky is the ultimate finisher to increase yield while producing the cleanest and best tasting harvests on the planet.

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Why Vegamatrix Wins

It's Veganic

No animal byproducts.
All non-GMO plant extracts.

Virtually No Heavy Metals

Lab tests prove virtually no heavy metals.


Meets or exceeds State’s stringent compliance for purity and efficacy.

Created By Kyle Kushman

World Renowned Master Grower.
13 Cannabis Cup Awards.


Pure flavor and taste.


Explosive growth, maximum yields.


Cultivators, Retailers, Dispensaries
Distributed by:
biolforal Tradewinds

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As Featured In

Vegamatrix has been featured many times in places like high times, Forbes magazine, Rolling Stone and Time Magazine.


Vegamatrix which was awarded the 2014 STASH Award from High Times magazine for best nutrient making Vegamatrix the clear choice whether you are a large cultivator, home enthusiast, retailer or dispensary owner. Vegamatrix was created by Kyle Kushman, past Cultivation Editor for High Times Magazine, Professor Emeritus at Oaksterdam University and 13 time Cannabis Cup Award Winner, so that he could provide the cleanest healthiest product to his patients. What he discovered along the way was that not only did his veganic nutrients produce the cleanest product available but it also did a few other wonderful things.

The full Vegamatrix nutrient line is composed of 6 products, far less than other Organic and Veganic nutrient lines. This makes using Vegamatrix simpler and quicker to use, saving your time and money.

The unique blend of NON –GMO plant based nutrients super charges the plant’s metabolism creating bigger plants with greater yields, and a smoother flavor and taste. Vegamatrix has gone on to win 13 Cannabis Cup Awards, isn’t it time that you created your own award winning harvest?

Vegamatix was created with you in mind, that is why we have unparalleled customer service, access to to Kyle and total commitment to your satisfaction and success!


Tests of plants grown with Vegamatrix show so few heavy metals it is measured in parts per billion!


Use Less, Grow More, Saves Time and Money.


Increased plant metabolism creates explosive growth and massive yields.


Your success and satisfaction is our sole focus

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